Manifesto and declaration of intentions

Somos liberales



Inspired under the formula created by John Locke with his “Society which Met Once a Week for the Improvement of Useful Knowledge” and continued by Benjamin Franklin with “Junto”, El Club de los Viernes emerges as the Spaniard equation which intends to return to the individuals the value that collectivist societies have snatched from them.

El Club de los Viernes comes into the world because of the concern about social democrat ideas hegemony, in the intellectual and media ambit, throughout the last four decades and due to the emergence of new forms of communism which, under inoffensive and concealed appearances, imply a serious risk for the progress and freedom of our nation.

El Club de los Viernes postulates itself as a barrier against the collectivist and freedom-killer wave that threats our system. El Club is articulated as a non-party platform dedicated to spread the libertarian beliefs and democracy. It hopes to become a model, among other institutions, in the defence of people`s individual freedom in the face of statism and Bolivarian inspired neo-communism which menaces our coexistence, plurality, progress and civil rights.

El Club de los Viernes deems that both politicians and State accumulate too much power, power which has been obtained at the expense of people’s freedom and pocket. The time has come to face the political correctness and the social democrat consensus which are drowning individual initiative and responsibility ethics. El Club de los Viernes will not hesitate to confront and oppose the idea of liberty to the ideological monopoly of the State, and will not deny dialectical combat in all fields and whenever occasion arises.

El Club de los Viernes supports popular libertarianism, away from academic or elitists approaches in order to develop a direct and casual activism which we have baptised “trench libertarianism”.



  • El Club de los Viernes is a group of people who reunite around the idea of respect for the individuals, and take the human being as the basic unit of social configuration.
  • El Club de los Viernes states that only individuals have rights and obligations.El Club de los Viernes believes in a limited State that assist those in deep need, avoiding the violent imposition of one or many individuals rights over the rights of others.
  • El Club de los Viernes trusts in independent institutions, compliance with the Law and the minimum State interference in any matter which can be carried out by private initiative.
  • El Club defends not to be coerced to fund public services, allowing the users to choose between public or private providers.
  • El Club rely on the pacific development of people’s private sphere, without coaction or impositions of any kind.
  • Society must be structured on the basis of three basic principles: LIBERTY, PRIVATE PROPERTY AND THE OBSERVANCE OF VOLUNTARILY ACQUIRED OBLIGATIONS.


So as to be a member of El Club de los Viernes, the new partners will have to answer some questions, previously to their admission:

  • Do you consider the human being the one and only centre of rights and obligations?
  • Do you respect the human being regardless its ideology, profession, gender or race?
  • Do you seek truth and freedom, and assume the responsibility that derives from them?
  • Do you believe in a limited state?