I Am Paleo

I Am Paleo
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Luis Carlos Parra

Luis Carlos Parra

Estudiante de Ingeniería de Telecomunicaciones Vallisoletano.

[…] In a recent article titled La Ley, solo la ley, toda la ley, the author of Regreso al patrón oro, Juan Manuel López Zafra, begun in elegantly simple way writing “I am libertarian”, right, I am paleo.

I would like to explain along the following lines why are paleolibertarianism postulates those with I identify myself more both ideologically and philosophically.

First, we have to discuss the basic difference between a classical liberal and a libertarian, something in which I have thought about many times, but perhaps not enough still. From my standpoint it’s basically the way to see the State: a libertarian considers it as something negative, because it’s an entity of compulsory joining, based on violence (you can only stop belonging to the State if you leave its territory, that considers as its property; and it’s sustained by individuals thanks to their property, by means like taxes, expropriation and fees, under violent threat, because disobedience is a cause of a penal or administrative punishment) whereas a classical liberal appreciates the State as something positive providing that its weight is too small (that’s a minarchist principle that implies this entity must be only limited to a minimal of competences) […]

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