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Statement On Alfie Evans’ Situation

Statement On Alfie Evans’ Situation
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El Club de los Viernes

El Club de los Viernes

El Club de los Viernes - Movimiento por la defensa de las libertades civiles, el derecho de propiedad y el Estado limitado.

Last Monday April 23, State-owned Alder Hey hospital of Liverpool (England, United Kingdom) decided to remove life support to Alfie Evans, who suffers a neuro-degenerative disease, for which he is in semi-vegetative state, and keeps alive despite not having life support and medical center forecasts.

Both European Court of Human Rights and British justice prevent Alfie’s parents from taking him out of the country and carrying him to foreign hospitals that have offered him a medical treatment (for example, in a hospital of Rome). By this way they are promoting a set of practices that Spanish classical liberal act-tank El Club de los Viernes (CdV) deplores.

First, without any necessity of having a wide knowledege on laws, it is understood that one of the key functions of States are guaranteeing the right to life of every individual, without any kind of discrimination or distinction. None of that has anything to do with positive law, but with essential issues alongside liberties and property.

Second, the British Rule of Law, consented by eurocratic juridical institutions, is tolerating what should be considered as an attack against human dignity, apart from a despicable and non-sensitive attack against families. Moreover, British police is monitoring posts in social networks that may contain messages of support to Alfie Evans and his family.

Whatsmore, from the standpoint of this Spanish civil association, that is an issue that goes beyong simple issues, deriving from ethical, moral and political affairs based on phenomens that are affecting European continent, specially the Western part, not being the United Kingdom one of the less affected countries by nihilism and values crisis in Europe.

Precisely, the Welfare State not only seeks the destabilisation of family institution, but endangering values such as the reponsibility and the dedication to the neighborhood. In fact, though political correctness dictatorship may censor that, economical insostenibility of that assistentialist model is leading many bureaucrats to consider euthanasia as something to apply to certain kind of ill people and elderly-aged citizens.

Besides, nihilist and secular issue adds to it. Any erosion on religious values framework (Christian in European case) is related to a higher faith towards that artificial and bureaucratic entity that we call State, apart from the fact that a progressive and social democratic consensus prevails in the continent, with a considerable political mindsed based on utilitarianism.

On the other hand, all civil society mobilisations in both sides of Atlantic Ocean must be appreciated, being lamentable that none European political leader and parliamentary member have sensibility on tat issue, with the exceptions of Polish President Andrzej Duda and libertarian deputy Jakub Kulesza, who has sent a letter to British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Finally, we ask British politicians and those who manage its Rule of Law for breaking with strategies that are proper of totalitarian system and respecting human dignity and freedom. In addition, we call to the reflection on the level of State interventionism that we are suffering nowadays.

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